1. Floss and brush your teeth

2. Place small “teardrop” amount of gel in middle of each tooth compartment on the side that will be against the front of the tooth (facing the lip).

3. Place tray with gel in the mouth.

4. Remove excess gel from edges with dry toothbrush as it could irritate your gums.

5. Wear trays for at least 30 minutes, but no longer than 60 minutes.

6. After whitening, remove and rinse the trays with cold water (hot water may damage trays).  If necessary, use a toothbrush to remove any residual gel.  Place trays in the storage case and put in a cool dry place.  Rinse and brush excess gel from teeth.

One syringe of the whitening gel typically lasts three days, depending upon the number of teeth being whitened.  You can save gel by not trying to whiten those teeth that are not visible in your smile.

Best results are achieved when whitening is done in a succession of consecutive days.  If your teeth are sensitive, however, you can try whitening every other day and/or wearing the trays for less time.  We recommend using a sensitivity toothpaste before, during and after whitening your teeth.  Sensitivity is temporary.

During the days and weeks you are whitening--and immediately following--avoid foods and beverages that tend to stain.  These include but are not limited to tea, coffee, dark colas, red wine, berries and tobacco.